XFreq : a Core i7 Widget for Linux

Tuesday January 14th, 2014By: CyrIng

[ Nightly Build ]
Version 0.16 : new, an “All-in-One” window is available when starting with argument ‘-D 1′

  • MSR reading thread has been optimized.
  • One TSC is assigned per logical Core.
  • Added Processor features into System Information.
  • Attempt to display the temperature Thresholds #1 & #2


Version 0.15 : Two new Widgets are available, while the Core Widget is enhanced with a Wallboard.

  • C-states
  • Temperature




The System Info Widget now gathers details about Processor, RAM and BIOS.


The rest of the new features is displayed in the menu.


Release 0.12 : Use the MSR performance counters to provide a better computation accuracy of the Cores frequency multiplier.

Release 0.11 : New pages added to display the specifications of the Processor, RAM, BIOS.
Btw, Help is available from [F1] key.

Release 0.10 : MSR optimisation ; double buffering

Release 0.08 adds the Core DTS temperature.

A README file is available in the FTS

Sennheiser MM400-X

Thursday December 26th, 2013By: CyrIng

ArchLinux configuration for the Sennheiser MM400-X


  • bluez
  • bluez-utils

The instructions for the Bluetooth configuration via the CLI are listed in the Wiki


Widget XFreq

Sunday December 22nd, 2013By: CyrIng

  • The XFreq displays the frequencies of the i7 processor CPU cores
  • Programmed in multithread for the XLib,  the X-Window event loop is split from the thread which compute CPU frequencies.
  • Compile the source code then run it as root
    # xfreq 0 0 250 150 9x15 0x1010f0 0x00ffff 15 5